Are you mulling over the decision of replacing the roofing felt on your property? It is important that you use appropriate tools for the job. The following are some tools which should be used while replacing the felt:

1. Knife

A razor knife is the most important tool used for this project. You will require this tool for cutting the felt paper. It can also be used for trimming the edges. Different varieties of razor knives are available in the market. Purchase foldable knives as they can be placed in your pocket. You can also purchase retractable knives as they can be placed into the tool belt. Ideally, purchase a razor knife that can be used easily for slicing.

2. Hammer

Avoid using a framing hammer as it can harm the roofing. You should instead purchase a specialist slaters hammer which is also light in weight. A hammer stapler can be used as an alternative. You can pound the felt inside with the use of hammer stapler. You can also use mallets to smooth down felt and push it into place.

3. Measuring Tape

Attaching roofing felt without a measuring tape is indeed a difficult task. It is important that the felt is appropriately aligned. This can be accomplished only with a calibrated measuring tape. Similarly, you may also require coloured chalks for the markings.

Gather these tools and complete the procedure successfully.