Pitched Roofing

Tiles, Slates, Chimneys, Loft conversions and much more. Pitched roofing includes a wide range of articles including buying guides and DIY tutorials. So if you need help on roof covering options or loft conversions take a look at some of these articles.

  1. JJ Roofing Supplies extend their natural slate offering to include Welsh Slate

  2. Bigger Velux Rewards for you from JJ Roofing Supplies

  3. Layers of the Roof and Their Job

  4. Top roof maintenance tips to keep your roof clean and prevent leaks

  5. The History of Clay Tiles

  6. 7 Quick Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Roof

  7. 4 Reasons Your Chimney May Be Leaking

  8. What to Consider When Choosing Your Roof Tiles

  9. An Intro to Fibre Cement, Possibly the Future of Roofing Materials

  10. Choosing the Right Actis Insulation for Your Property

  11. Why Roof Ventilation is so Important

  12. #FiveOfOurFavourite Loft Conversions Part 2

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