Have you bought a new home? Are you planning to replace your roof? If yes, then make sure you use the best roofing system you can afford. The roof tiles are specially designed to protect homes from the outside weather conditions so they need to be a high quality product. Due to people's different requirements and budgets, various kinds of roofing tiles are now manufactured. Out of these types, clay roof tiles are preferred by many homeowners because of the following reasons:

They offer excellent durability

Unlike other roofing tiles, clay tiles are known for being highly durable. This is because these tiles are kiln-fired which means they do need replacing for many years to come.

Excellent uniformity

As roof tiles are manufactured in specially designed molds, they create great uniformity after installation. This feature of clay roof tiles makes then very attractive compared to other roofing methods.

Simple to install

One of the best features of clay tiles is that they are made using interlocking systems which allow them to be installed easily.

A wide range of options

You will find that clay roofing tiles are available in various designs, textures and colours. So, you can choose the style which suits the age of your home and your tastes.