Roof shingles are curved or flat tiles that overlap and interlock in such a way to keep water off a pitched roof. Shingles can be made using a plethora of materials that vary in weight, durability, cost, architectural style and colour. While roofing a home with tiles, one should always consider their budget, the roof's pitch, the climate and the kind of look they want to create to blend with their home's design.

Shingles are mostly used on roofs with sloping slides that are angled enough to tip water into the gutter system. Other roofing materials like metal sheets or PVC flashing are also available. They are more appropriate for shallow or flat roofs.

What are the available options?

Most roofing materials are well suited to serve as durable and weatherproof shingles. The colours of roofing shingles range from green to blue and tan to grey.

Similar to ceramic tiles, clay tiles have a slightly higher price tag and need an extra strong roof as they are quite heavy. On the other hand, lighter alternatives like asphalt shingles can mimic many of the same qualities for a cheaper price.

Most problems with new roofs, such as leaking, usually happens due to improper insulation and not because of flawed materials. This is why you should always hire professional roofing contractors to ensure that the roof installation is done in an appropriate manner.

Keeping the above things in mind, you can get the best roofing shingles for your home.