Moss is a nasty little weed that loves to grow in shady and damp conditions and if it starts growing on your roof, can end up causing problems to tiles, gutters and even stop water draining correctly from the roof.  Moss is most likely to build upon north-facing roof areas where there is less sunlight and plenty of moisture. If you have moss on roof tiles, then hopefully this article will show you how to achieve moss-free tiles.

Guttering blocked with moss

It is best to deal with a moss on roof problem before it gets started but once you have a problem, the sooner you deal with the issue the better.  Many people think power washers are the best option for dealing with moss on tiles but this has some really serious potential issues.  Firstly, the tiles on the roof could be damaged, as could other roofing materials.  Secondly, the force of the power washer could actually break through the protective membrane under the roofing material and flood your loft.

The good news is there are a number of moss killers for roofs treatments to get a moss-free roof and keep it that way and here are some of them.

Stopping moss accumulation

There are two remarkably simple ideas to stop the accumulation of moss on roof tiles. The first moss killer for roofs option is to fix a strip of Zinc along the apex of your roof.  Rain falls onto the strip and creates an alkaline liquid, which trickles down the roof and kills off the moss by making the environment inhospitable to it.  Another variation of this idea is to use zinc sulphate based products that come in either a granular or a liquid form and do a similar job.

moss killer for roofs

The other roof moss killer idea is similar, only uses copper wire.  String some lengths of copper wire just under the ridge of your roof and this will stop moss accumulating as well as removing any moss on roof still present.

Getting rid of the moss

The first step to beating moss on roof tiles is to get rid of any moss that has already accumulated on the roof.  This is quite simple and can be achieved using a long-handled brush to dislodge it.  Be careful not to be too forceful on the tiles in case you damage them.  You can also use a small trowel to do the same job if you are confident about climbing further onto the roof and have the right equipment to do this.

After this, use a biodegradable soap moss remover that can be sprayed straight onto the moss on roof.  Leave for a short time then remove following the manufacturer’s instructions.  Another option is a specialty moss-killing product Cromar Moss & Mould Remover that doesn’t just work on roofs but also removes the stuff from paths, patios, driveways and even fences.  The advantage with the latter is that it kills off the spores of moss that hide in the cracks between tiles and can be a basis for another covering of moss on roof tiles in a short time.

Another simple roof moss killer idea makes use of an everyday household item: washing powder with bleach in it.  Simply sprinkle the powder onto the area where the moss is present and dampen with a gentle spray from the hosepipe or from a watering can.  Leave it for around 10-15 minutes then hose again thoroughly to remove the moss and the powder.

Making a moss-hostile environment

There are other measures you can take to make your roof less appealing to moss.  The main one is to keep tree branches from overhanging the roof.  This causes a darker, damp spot that moss loves apart from the potential for roof tile damage if the branch comes loose or impacts with force during a bad storm.

When cleaning moss off the roof, don’t forget guttering.  Moss can pull guttering off the roof with its weight and can also use it for a base of operations for re-colonising your roof after you have finished your cleaning efforts.

Repeating moss killer for roofs treatment

How often you need to repeat the roof moss killer treatment you have used depends on what method you have opted upon.  Some of the professional moss killing chemicals can keep a roof completely clear of moss for around 3 years without another treatment.  Manually removing the moss on roof and using household products won’t last as long but don’t cost as much to do, so if you don’t mind going up on the roof, this might be the option for you.  The zinc and copper deterrent options will need to be monitored and will depend largely on how much rain you have had.

Moss on Roof Tiles


Don’t forget when using any roof moss killer products, make sure you follow the instructions, wear the appropriate safety equipment and keep everything away from children and pets.  Only go onto the roof if you are confident, have the right equipment, and make sure someone else is around to help you out.  No matter what method of moss killer for roofs you use in your battle against moss on roof tiles, the important thing is to be safe and be vigilant – watch out for it coming back so you can start up the battle again before it gets a foothold!