To Dry Fix, or not to dry fix? That is the questions. 

This month Steve talked with special guest, Mat Woodyatt, Technical Training Manager at BMI Redlands about reroofing Britain post World War II, the benefits of dry ridge fixing, how best to fix down your tiles, the Roofing Apprenticeship Awards and Pitched Roof Estimating Training in our second episode of our Instagram Live Series, Never Just A Roof.

Watch Episode 2 of Never Just A Roof

Episode 3 |  Monday 4 October 11AM |  Res-Tec Roofing

Steve will be joined by Tyrone Elkins of Res-Tec Roofing who make Flexitec 2020 for our third episode of Never Just A Roof in October where we will be talking about innovations in the liquid flat roofing sector.