Best Practice Installation of GRP Roofing Systems

We will be live on our Instagram Account on Monday 4 October at 11AM for Episode 3 of Never Just A Roof, where Steve Wells will be joined by Tyrone Elkins from Restec to discuss Best Practice when installing GRP Roofing Systems.

Watch The Promo Video

Covering the following topics:

•  Types of GRP Systems

• Do’s and don’ts of using GRP systems 

• Debunking myths around GRP systems

• Practical demos 

• Correct mixing

• Catalyst additional rates

• Coverage rates 

• Where people tend to go wrong

• Product guarantees and training

Live Demonstrations

We’ll be taking your through the following:

• T&G board spacing
• Deck temperature reading
• The use of a GRP mixing tray
• How to consolidate
• Forming a corner


As well as imparting all the knowledge above, we’ll also be giving away 6 spots for Cover It Advanced GRP training at our Bespoke Roofing Training Academy as well as Restec mixing buckets, electronic deck temperature measures and more.

How to tune in

Tune in on our @jjroofingsupplies Instagram Account on Monday 4 October at 11AM.

Where to watch previous episodes

You can watch Episode 1 and 2 and read more about Never Just A Roof by clicking here.

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