While typical shingle roofs cost less, they need to be replaced every six to ten years. On the other hand, roof tiles made from ceramic or kiln-fired clay can last for more than fifty years. Although good quality materials like clay roofing tiles or Mediterranean roof tiles cost a bit more, they are great roofing solutions in terms of durability. Roof tiles are more economical in the long term compared to shingles.

Reasons to choose roof tiles

Due to the numerous advantages that roof tiles offer over other roofing materials, installing them on your property is a wise decision.

Roof tiles not only provide a distinct look to your home, but also add to its value. Besides clay roofing tiles, there are slate and ceramic tiles; both of them offer unmatched durability and strength, while adding charm and beauty to upscale the luxury of your residence.

Although ceramic roof tiles are delicate and fine, their materials are incredibly attractive and tough. Most fine kitchen and bathroom fixtures are made from ceramic materials. Spending an extra amount for ceramic roofing tiles or high quality fired-clay roofs is one expense that you will never have to deal with again in your lifetime.

Owing to all the above advantages of roof tiles, installing ones made from slate, ceramic or clay is a sensible investment for your valuable home. If you are looking for the best ways to renovate your home, roof tiles are one of the best choices.