Roofing supplies include an extensive range of items and materials that are used for the maintenance and construction of a roof. These include shingles, moulding, vents and pipes, lumber, ladders, roofing cements and other tools. Roofing nails are also included in roofing supplies.

On the other hand, roofing materials include ceramic tiles, wood shingles, metal roofing tiles and sheets, asbestos shingles, rubber roofing sheets, ceramic tiles and many other things. When it comes to selecting a roofing material, you must choose it depending on the local elements that impact on a roof.

What does the roofing structure comprise of?

The support structure or frame of the roof is known as lumber. It comprises of a triangular truss along with a lattice of beams. The roof is then laid above the frame. Lumbers are generally used for other elements like the cornice, in which half of the frame hangs over the wall. The underside of the cornice or fascia of the roofing structure allows water to drip away from the roof.

Vents and pipes stick out from the roof. They not only help your home to ventilate, but also serve as escape routes for smoke from cooking, fireplaces and hot air from the loft. The bottom of the vents and pipes are mostly sealed with a metal strip or boot including a plastic sealant. As these vents and pipes have one way shields that are sealed with rubber, they allow smoke and air to escape. However, it does not let water to drip into the vent or pipe.

When looking to install a new roof on your property, considering the above things can prove to be quite helpful.