Roofing sheets are some of the most important accessories when it comes to ensuring the safety of roofing materials along with the interiors of your house. There are many different kinds of roofing sheet available in the market. Refer to the different kinds mentioned below and opt for a sheet that meets your needs and requirements perfectly.

Plastic roofing sheets

These roofing sheets are the perfect choice if you are looking for something that is durable and can last longer but without all the expenses. These sheets are often used in construction sites and also for temporary shelters. However, you can use plastic roofing sheets for your back/front yard. Pool enclosures and skylights are some of the other areas where plastic sheets can be used. Apart from allowing for the transmission of natural light, plastic roofing sheets help in stabilising the UV radiations and also act as insulators from heat and sound.

Fibreglass roofing materials

These roofing materials are known to be strong, hard and extremely sturdy. These roofing materials consist of a mixture of fibreglass along with fibre reinforced polymer. The polymers are responsible for providing the much needed rigidity to these roofing materials. Fibreglass roofing materials are popular amongst most homeowners because they are not as heavy as metal roofing sheets and also act as extremely good insulators. The see through feature provided by fibreglass roofing materials allow natural light to pass through.

It should be noted that fibreglass roofing materials are more expensive compared to plastic roofing materials. However, they are much more attractive and can enhance the look of your house.