What are VELUX Rewards?

VELUX Rewards are incentives given by VELUX to customers every time they purchase VELUX roof windowsflat roof windows, blinds, sun tunnels or certain combination flashings from JJ Roofing Supplies. These rewards come in the form of high street shop vouchers from brands like Tesco, Argos, Currys PC World and many more... (full list below).

VELUX Rewards are available all year round. VELUX runs campaigns throughout the year where they offer increased rewards on selected products in its range. Keep an eye out on our social channels and blog for announcements. Watch the video below for a guide to Velux Rewards from our Area Manager, Steve Wells:


How do I claim my VELUX rewards?

It is nice and easy to claim your VELUX Rewards, simply visit https://www.velux.qwasi.com/rewards/ create an account and upload your receipt for your VELUX product. Watch the video below to see a step by step guide to how to claim Velux Rewards:

What Highstreet Vouchers can I claim?

VELUX offers several high street shop vouchers that you can claim with your rewards. A list of where you can claim your rewards is below:
Highstreet shop vouchers available with VELUX Rewards

Up to date as of 26/02/2021 from VELUX Rewards Claim Rewards page.

How long do I have to claim my VELUX Rewards?

You have 45 days from the day you make your purchase of a VELUX product to register it for Rewards on the VELUX Rewards website: https://www.velux.qwasi.com/rewards/

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What is the Lastest Velux Reward Increased Incentive?

Launching Monday 1 March 2021.

Velux will be offering £35 high street shopping vouchers for every Velux Polyurethane pitched roof window you purchase between Monday 1 March 2021 and Friday 30 April 2021. You have until Wednesday 12 May 2021 to claim this increased incentive and it couldn't be easier to do so.


Velux Rewards March - April 2021 £35 Rewards for all Velux Polyurethane Pitched Roof Window purchase


Where can I buy the full extended range of VELUX Roof Windows?

JJ Roofing Supplies stock the full core range of VELUX Roof Windows in our 7 roofing stores and have the full extended range available to browse and order on our Ecommerce website at jjroofingsupplies.co.uk. If you would like to make an inquiry please contact us on 0333 700 11 11.