Concrete roof tiles are strong and durable water-resistant materials. They can be used to simulate the look of conventional clay tiles, or even stone and slate. Similar to clay, concrete tile surfaces can be smooth or textured and the tile edges can be ragged or uniform. If you are considering installing a new roof or revamping the old one, you can choose all tiles of one colour, a combination of two or more shades, blended colours, and much more.

While regular Portland cement tends to be grey, it also comes in a white colour. Pigments can also be blended with this grey or white cement to make almost any other colour, including deep rich shades, bright whites and pastels. If the roof structure is inadequate to support the weight of standard concrete tiles, lightweight concrete tiles are also available. These tiles can also be used in any type of climate.

Benefits of installing concrete roof tiles

Installing concrete roof tiles offer numerous benefits to the users, some of which are mentioned below: