BMI Redland Concrete Plain Tile 02 Brown (Granular) 6151-02

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  • 60 tiles per m²
  • Tiles are made from concrete
  • Size: 268mm x 165mm
  • Minimum pitch 35°
  • Batten required: 10m per m² (25x38)

BMI Redland Plain Tile 02 Brown (Granular) 6151-02

The BMI Redland Plain Tile has been specifically designed to be easy to fix. A cross cambered concrete tile, this option provides a traditional appearance and is available in a variety of colour options to match any aesthetic requirement.

An excellent choice with an old school look, this robust tile is the perfect option to withstand rough weather. In order to blend in with any regional roofing style, the BMI Redland Plain Tile is available in smooth, coated, as well as sanded finishes.

BMI Redland draws on their expertise and experience from nearly 100 years as an industry leader when constructing their products. They have become known for delivering total pitched roofing solutions of the highest quality at competitive prices.

For your peace of mind, BMI Redland offer a comprehensive design liability that lasts for 15 years as well as a roof weather tightness guarantee. This is to ensure that BMI Redland’s clients are fully at ease when buying their products and to show that the company are confident that their products are reliable, trustworthy, and built to last.

The BMI Redland Plain Tile is available in 11 different finishes. These are Brown, Antique Red, Cotswold, Slate Grey, Terracotta, Tudor Brown, Farmhouse Red, Breckland Brown, Breckland Black, Rustic Red, and Black.



268 x 165 mm


Minimum Pitch



Maximum Pitch


(subject to fixing specification)

Minimum Headlap

65 mm
35 mm

below 90°
at 90°

Maximum Headlap

88 mm


Minimum Gauge

88 mm


Maximum Gauge

100 mm
115 mm

below 90°
at 90°

Hanging Length

248 mm


Linear Cover of 1 Tile

165 mm


Covering Capacity (net) tile/m2

60 tiles/m²
52 tiles/m²

below 90°
at 90°

Laid Weight

77 kg/m²
67 kg/m²

below 90°
at 90°

Weight per 1000 Tiles

1.29 tonnes


Weight per pallet

1.01 tonnes


Battens Required

10 m/m²
8.7 m/m²

below 90°
at 90°

Batten Size

38 x 25 mm 

Rafter centres
up to 600 mm

Nail Size

40 x 2.65 mm


Tiles per Pallet



Tiles per Pack



Packs per Pallet