BMI Redland Renown 30 Slate Grey (Smooth) 1501-30

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BMI Redland Renown 30 Slate Grey (Smooth) 1501-30

The Renown by BMI Redland is a neat low profile tile that is specifically designed to unobtrusively blend into its surroundings. This will give a more contemporary feel to roofs that have square edged profiles.

Like all interlocking concrete tiles, the Renown by BMI Redland is easy to lay and maintain. However, unlike traditional tiles, it also offers wind and driving rain performance that is second to none due to BMI Redland’s rigorous testing procedure.

This process involves putting the tiles in a Group wind tunnel. Then a combination of high wind and persistent rain are used to determine the tiles’ resistance and ensure that each product is weather tight before being made available for sale. All Renown by BMI Redland tiles will also meet the requirements of BS 5534 (the British Standard for Slating and Tiling).

BMI Redland is a sub-brand of the larger Braas Monier Building Group that currently operates 100 production sites in 36 different countries and has become the number one worldwide supplier of pitched roofing materials. Braas Monier has accumulated a loyal customer base through their excellent client support and comprehensive product range that includes but isn’t limited to tiles, renewable energy systems, slates, custom fittings, and a large variety of roofing accessories.

The Renown by BMI Redland is available in 8 beautiful finishes – Brown, Antique Red, Terracotta, Tudor Brown, Farmhouse Red, Breckland Brown, Cotswold, and Slate Grey. All of these colours are aesthetically attractive, visually striking, and guaranteed to only improve as the seasons pass.



418 x 330 mm


Minimum Pitch and Headlap

Through coloured
17.5 °
22.5 °
22.5 °
30 º

Through coloured
at 100 mm headlap
at 75 mm headlap
at 100 mm headlap
at 75 mm headlap

Maximum Pitch

90 º

(subject to fixing specification)

Maximum Headlap

125 mm


Minimum Gauge

293 mm


Maximum Gauge

Through coloured
318 mm
343 mm
318 mm
343 mm

Through coloured
below 22.5 º
22.5 º and over
below 30 º
30 º and over

Hanging Length

397 mm


Linear Cover of 1 Tile

300 mm


Covering Capacity (net) tile/m2

10.5 tiles / m²
9.7 tiles / m²

at 318 mm gauge
at 343 mm gauge

Laid Weight

46 kg / m²
43 kg / m²

at 318 mm gauge
at 343 mm gauge

Weight per 1000 Tiles

4.58 tonnes


Weight per pallet

1.11 tonnes


Battens Required

3.15 m / m²
2.92 m / m²

at 318 mm gauge
at 343 mm gauge

Batten Size

38 x 25 mm
50 x 25 mm 

Rafter centres up to 450 mm
Rafter centres up to 600 mm

Nail Size

50 x 3 mm


Tiles per Pallet



Tiles per Pack



Packs per Pallet


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