Code 5 Lead 510mm x 6m (20inch) Roofing Lead Roll

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Code 5 510mm x 6m (20inch) Roofing Lead Roll

Code 5 lead is used to provide better resistance to the elements. If harsh weather or strong winds are common then code 5 lead is used in any exposed areas

Lead is a heavy, malleable and soft metal. White when freshly cut, lead quickly turns to a dull grey once oxidised.
Lead has many uses outside the roofing industry such as being used for batteries and weights but is manly used within the construction industry as a roofing material. Some of its uses are:

  • Building a gulley or valley
  • Used as a step flashing against brickwork to keep a watertight seal e.g. a chimney
  • Sealing gaps or forming a watertight joint
  • Soldering
  • Gutter lining
  • Artwork and detail

Sold in the form of lead rolls, milled lead has been used on roofs for over a century and still remains a firm favourite with roofers today. Even with the introduction of numerous lead substitutes on the market.
Here at JJ Roofing Supplies we work closely with ALM (Associated Lead Mills) to provide you, our valued customer, an excellent service and product. If you do have any queries, please to not hesitate to contact one of our experienced members of staff who will be more than willing to help.