Decra Classic Coastal Eaves Tile Terracotta

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  • Sheet Size: 1324mm x 410mm
  • Sheet Weight: 3.1kg
  • Available in 6 Colours, Anthracite, Brindle, Teak, Terracotta, Sea Green and Shiny Black
  • To be used at the bottom course
  • Used in conjunction with Decra Classic Tile Roofing Sheet

Decra Classic Coastal Eaves Tile Terracotta

Decra Classic Coastal Eaves Tiles are part of the Decra Classic Roof Sheet Tiling System that comes with an impressive set of features making it one of the most competitive tiling systems on the market.

The characteristic feature of tiles in the Classic range is that they are lightweight, weighing at a fraction (1/7) of traditional clay or concrete tiles. Adding to their versatility, is the fact that the tiles are appropriate for a range of roofing projects, from new builds to renovations and refurbishments and suitable for pitches from as low as 10° to 90°. An unrivalled quality is their superior weather protection. The tiles have been tested under severe weather settings including high winds up to 160km/h, and rainfall at 200mm per hour. Their resistance to such harsh environments means the tiles come with an impressive 40 year full value weather security guarantee. The tiles also exhibit superior strength and impact resistance compared to common alternatives thus effectively making them safer and more secure against burglar and vandal attacks. This has earned Decra a Secured by Design Accreditation; the only roofing manufacturer in the UK to has done so.

The key to these impressive features is the tile's 5 layered design. The base of the tile comprises of a steel core with thermal zincing. An epoxy layer is applied and above this, an attached acrylic resin. It's characteristic traditional clay tile finish comes from the application of a natural granulate which is then topped by a transparent protection layer. One of the most appealing features of Classic range over other series in the Decra offering, is that it is ideal for anyone wanting to achieve a traditional concrete or clay look in 6 colours: Anthracite, Brindle, Teak, Terracotta, Sea Green and Shiny Black. These colour were carefully chosen to mimic the colour and texture of traditional clay tiles.

The colour and texture is achieved through a process of ceramic ally colour glazing the tiles in ovens at 1100°. This process ensures more effective colour stability than ordinary dyeing or painting finishes. A full range of accessories in available in each colour.

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