Decra Classic D Ridge

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  • For use at both Ridges & Hips
  • Use at duo and monopitch ridges
  • Use at ventilated and unventilated ridges
  • Length: 1200mm

The Decra Classic D Ridge Cap is to be used with the Decra Classic Tiles. Essentially it is a traditional D shaped angle cap made to be applied at ridges and hips. It suitable for use in both ventilated and unventilated ridges and is appropriate for both duo pitched and mono pitched ridge details.

The D Ridge Caps are slightly tapered in their design. The wider end is designed to be placed over the narrower end of the ridge cap below so that there is an 80mm overlap. When installing the caps, ensure that 4 Decra Fixing Nails are used on each side to fix the cap into position.

For pitches greater than 35°, you will need to adjust the return angle of the shorter downturned leg of the cap. Check that the correct procedure is followed when fixing the cap over ventilated as opposed to unventilated ridges as these do vary accordingly. When using the D Ridge Cap on a monopitch ridge, adjust one side of the ridge cap by essentially straightening or flattening it out. The caps are available in each of the colours of the Decra Classic Tiles to ensure a seamless aesthetic finish even at the ridges and hips.

The longer flaps are 110mm and the downturned 'leg' flaps are 40mm in length.

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