Decra Elegance Coastal Eaves Satin Graphite

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  • Sheet size: 1324mm x 410mm
  • Use Coastal Eaves Tile in coastal areas
  • Available in 6 Colours, Satin Graphite, Satin Mocha, Satin Terracotta, High Gloss Black, High Gloss Green, High Gloss Bordeaux

Decra Elegance Coastal Eaves Satin Graphite

The Decra Elegance Coastal Eaves Tile is a strong and lightweight roofing tile that comes complete with comprehensive range of finishing and detailing accessories. The tiles have superior strength properties and offer unmatched weather protection. The Coastal Eaves tiles are coated Elegance tiles that provide for enhanced weather protection making suitable for applications in coastal areas. Design wise, the tiles have been fabricated to resemble traditional clay tiles but at a fraction of the weight.

They are available in 6 finishes, 3 satin finishes including Satin Graphite, Satin Terracotta and Satin Mocha colour, and 3 high gloss finishes including High Gloss Black, High Gloss Green and High Gloss Bordeaux. The satin tiles look and feel like the conventional clay tiles they are meant to emulate, while the high gloss finishes feature a smooth high lustre finish for a high impact look and a strong architectural finish.

Elegance tiles are versatile; they are suitable for, new builds as well as refurbishment projects, and for roofs with pitches ranging from 10° to 90°. The superior strength of the Elegance Tiles is due to their composition, which comprises of a steel core that is coated in zinc, epoxy and with an extra durable powder coat. Being lightweight and costing less than traditional roof tiles, means that roofing projects can be completed faster, more cheaply and more efficiently with the Decra Tiling System. Bringing costs further down is the fact that the tiles express unrivalled durability and resistance in harsh environmental conditions.

The tiles have been tested under storm and even hurricane conditions and spefically with winds up to 160km/hr and rainfall at 200mm per hour. The tiles are so robust in fact that Decra offer a 40year weather protection guarantee. More resistance and the higher strength properties means less breakages and therefore less repair and maintenance costs.