Decra Elegance D Ridge End Closure Mocha

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  • For use at D Ridge & Barge cover Intersections
  • Size: 125mm
  • Available in 6 Colours, Satin Graphite, Satin Mocha, Satin Terracotta, High Gloss Black, High Gloss Green, High Gloss Bordeaux

Decra Elegance D Ridge End Closure Mocha

The Decra Elegance D Ridge End Closure is for use with Decra Elegance Tile System. The End Closure units allow for better detailing and finishing at the ridges. Specifically they are for use at D Ridge and Barge Cover Intersections.

To correctly install the End Closure units, you'll need to cut and fold out a flap on the side of the unit, so that it will lay over the verge and barge cover. Then, cut and trim the edge of the edge of the end flap so as to create a vertical plumbline when fitted. This will make the junction more aesthetically pleasing.

Finally, you can installed the closure unit over the last D Ridge Cap. The End Closure will then need to be nailed into position, fixing the vertical end first. The End closure unit is available in the full colour range of the Elegance Tile System, making possible a more attractive and more seamless finish to your roofing project.

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