Decra Elegance Left Hand Cloaked Verge Graphite

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  • For use at gables, verges & barges
  • Left Hand Cover
  • Coverage: 370mm
  • Available in 6 Colours, Graphite, Mocha, Terracotta, Black, Green, Bordeaux

Decra Elegance Left Hand Cloaked Verge Graphite

The Decra Elegance Cloaked Verge is designed to be used with the Decra Elegance Tiles. Decra have designed an effective detailing barge cover system with the handed Cloaked Verge Covers. The Verge Cover provide for a more attractive and seamless transition between tile and gable. Use the right handed covers when detailing on the right and use the left handed covers when finishing on the left.

For correct installation of the cloaked covers at gables, fix the bargeboard so that it is level with the bottom edge of the tile battens. Allow the underlay to flap over the edge of the bargeboard by 25mm. Proceed by tacking the underlay onto the bargeboard edge. Ensure that the bottom edge of the bargeboard in covered, which you can do with a piece of Decra cloaking.

Bend and cut tiles at the edge so that a 75mm flange is created in such a way, that the first 25mm flange stands up against the gable batten. The remaining 50mm flange should be dressed down flat so that it covers the top face of the gable runner batten. To install the covers, begin at the eaves. Fix the fist cover with two nails. Once the first cover is installed, proceed with the rest of the covers. Note, fix the first nail horizontally through the downturned flab and into the bargeboard beneath. Fix the second nail halfway down the inner flap of the cover, through the top edge of the 25mm flange underneath. Use the Fixing Nail Finishing Kit to seal the vertical nail heads.