Decra Elegance Soil Vent Satin Terracotta

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  • Soil/Mechanical extractor vent
  • Provides 10,000mm2 airflow
  • Includes adaptor and flexi-pipe
  • Manufactured from UV Stable PVC

Decra Elegance Soil Vent Satin Terracotta

The Decra Elegance Soil Vents are designed for Decra Elegance Tile system. The vents are to be used with soil stacks or mechanical extractors. Each tile vent comes complete with vent Adaptor and Flexipipe, which are designed to be used together.

The Soil Vent is manufactured from UV stable PVC and features a slim-line design; they are perfectly fabricated to fit in with the tiles and with little protrusion. Their effectiveness in providing 10000m2 of airflow lies in their ingenuous design which hides a secret gutter mechanism below the ventilation grill.

Correct installation of the Decra Elegance Soil Vents begins with fitting the included pipe adaptor to the air vent. Finally, attach the supplied flexipipe to the adaptor and connect the pipe to the soil or mechanical extraction stacks using jubilee clips provided.

The unit is available in the full range of Decra Elegance Tile range; the vents are colour matched, so they look and feature the same granular or high gloss finish as the Decra Elegance Tiles.

Note, ensure all pipework is insulated and that installation of all soil vents occurs 900mm above any openings to the building within a 3m range. Finally, do not use vents as exit terminals for hot combustion gases.