Insect Mesh Roll

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  • Prevents insects and small animals from entering unwanted areas
  • 85mm x 30 metre roll
  • PVC coated woven fibreglass
  • Suitable for use on small gaps and vents

For most people, the emphasis is usually placed on keeping their property warm and dry. While ensuring that your roof protects against the elements is of paramount importance, consideration must also be made for keeping out any unwanted guests. The insect mesh roll, supplied by JJ Roofing, is guaranteed to stop insects and birds from finding their way into your home or business via your roof.

This product doesn’t rely on some high-tech solution – instead, it works based on a tried and tested approach that has been proven to deliver results. The insect mesh roll is comprised of PVC coated woven fibreglass. Whereas cheaper variants will breakdown over time, this product will provide years of reliable service thanks to its outstanding durability. It is also highly resistant to corrosion making it a great low-maintenance option.

The insect mesh roll supplied by us has been designed to keep out all manner of insects such as:

  • Wasps
  • Mosquitoes
  • Moths
  • Flies and more

On top of that, the insect mesh roll has also been designed to prevent small rodents and birds from entering small areas in the roof to nest. This product is incredibly easy to handle and installation will take no time whatsoever. The mesh can be easily cut and bent to size so you can place it exactly where you need it most. As such, the insect mesh roll is perfect for use with vents and small gaps such as soffits.

After cutting the mesh to size, simply fit the mesh in the desired location using either staples or nails. To ensure that your home receives adequate airflow, the insect mesh roll has an open area of 65%. This will allow air to flow through while keeping out any unwanted visitors.

Here at JJ Roofing, we stock 85mm x 30m insect mesh rolls so you can be sure that you will have all the mesh you need to complete the task at hand.