Code 4 Lead 240mm x 6m (9inch) Roofing Lead Roll

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The Code 4 Lead Roll by Associated Lead Mills is considerably more flexible and resistant to wear when compared to the older Code 3 option due to its increased gauge making it a suitable choice for almost every type of pitched roofing including vertical cladding, dormer roofs and cheeks, as well as a variety of flashings (such as hip, ridge, chimney, apron, and cover ones). If you’re looking for lead flashing, Code 4 will help waterproof your roof for generations.

These Code 4 Lead Rolls are 1.8 mm thick (which is an increase of 36%) and weigh 20.41 kg per square metre. This extra thickness means additional resistance to thermal movement which enables you to increase the maximum length of flashing by 50%. The Code 4 lead prices are still competitive and cost effective.

While the most popular sizes of this particular roll of lead are the Code 4 Lead 240mm x 6m and the Code 4 Lead 300mm x 6m, there are a variety available here at JJ Roofing to suit any project regardless of its scope.

Lead has been a common choice of building material for centuries and is more popular than ever in modern times. If lead is correctly installed, then no other metal can match its longevity and protection properties. Lead provided by Associated Lead Mills has been used for all kinds of buildings from average residential homes to churches, cathedrals, and castles.

You’ll be happy to know that Code 4 lead flashing prices have not gone up since the construction has been upgraded. A widespread classic choice, the Code 4 Lead Roll has a long history in the industry because it is very easy to extract, work with, and smelt.

Associated Lead Mills is a leading distributor of rolled lead in the UK construction market. Their ancillary products are supported by the Lead Sheet Association and also carry the LSA approved label. ALM’s comprehensive range is fully recyclable and the advantages are enormous when compared to other materials offered for similar use. A highly malleable material, correctly installed lead sheets will expand and contract with the building as time passes enabling it to maximise its resistance to temperature fluctuations.