Monarflex Protect 1F

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Monarflex Protect 1F

Have you been looking for a product at a respectable price that can deliver superior performance characteristics? The Monarflex Protect 1F is a high quality product which JJ Roofing has available for immediate dispatch at very competitive prices.

The Monarflex Protect 1F is designed specifically for application on pitched roofs over rafters in ventilated roof constructions, and it excels above any other alternatives. Any professional tradesperson that has worked on roofing projects knows that Monarflex is a brand to trust. It sees wide usage in many projects across the UK and internationally as well.

The material itself is a dual layer combination of a low-density polyethylene upper layer, and a lower layer of polypropylene non-woven spun bonded material. This gives it exceptional performance characteristics and you can rest assured that this is the right product for almost any pitched roofing project.

Here are some key facts to note about the Monarflex Protect 1F’s technical aspects:

Weight, g/m2125
Length, m15
Width, m1
Thickness, mm0.27
Tensile Strength, N/50 mmMD 160, TD 150
Elongation, %MD 80, TD 85
Nail Tear Resistance, NMD 130, TD 140
Dimensional Stability, %Max 2
Temperature Range, °C-40 to +80
Cold Bend, °C-20 max


The application of this product is quick and easy, which will help you maintain high on site time efficiency and propel your project along at good rate. The installation recommendations for this product are that it is unrolled, taut, over rafters, but with a bit of slack, such that temperature fluctuations won’t affect the membrane overmuch. The minimum amount of overlap should be no less than 150mm. All of the penetrations and joints affecting the layer must be sealed with an appropriate tape or specifically designed sealer. Monarflex state that this product shouldn’t be used on roofs that are less than 20° in pitch angle.

JJ Roofing has experience in dealing with a wide range of projects, so you know when you come to us you are dealing with the experts. This is why our product range is so comprehensive and filled with exceptional products at fantastic prices. If you have any questions or queries about the Monarflex Protect 1F, let us know. The rolls are available in 15m x 1m (15m2) sizes and weigh just 1.95kg per roll, which makes it exceptionally easy to work with.