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Velux Roof Terrace

The VELUX Roof Terrace is the perfect way to make use of extra outdoor space that might be restricted by your pitched roof. A VELUX roof terrace works in a similar way to a roof window although of course, it’s much larger and allows you to walk outside onto a small balcony space. The roof terrace we supply here at JJ Roofing Supplies is available at an unbeatable price.

The GEL Roof Terrace has an innovative design which allows you to open the windows in two separate ways. You can either open the top window as an ordinary window to let in some air or open both the top and bottom window to allow access onto the small railed balcony outside.

Why Install a VELUX Roof Terrace

VELUX is one of the leading manufacturers of windows for roof spaces in the UK and in the world. Their products are tried and tested over decades of experience and hundreds of thousands of installations around the UK. For an incredible price, you can totally transform your living space by installing a roof terrace.

Space Saving

The main benefit of a VELUX terrace is that is totally aware of space-saving conveniences and can be adapted to a range of different roofing angles and pitches. Each window is designed to open in multiple different ways which give you flexibility when you’re interacting with the roof terrace. You can open the windows as normal or open them all to act as a doorway.

Light, air and ventilation

Not only does this give you access to an outdoor space, but it also lets in a lot of light and air into your living room or kitchen. GEL roof terraces are fixed with an in-built insulation system which opens a small ventilation flap without even opening the windows. This is great for security - fresh air is constantly being taken into the house without the need for a window being open.

Easy to look after and maintain

VELUX roof terraces are easy to look after as maintenance is considered during the manufacturing process. The windows are easy to clean from the inside and out and the air filter can be removed with ease and cleaned with any old ordinary household product.

VELUX quality

While the roof terrace itself is fantastic, the windows and the fitting of the roof terrace are world-class, too. VELUX is a well-trusted manufacturer of windows that takes insulation, window lamination and glass quality very seriously. Expect triple-glazing for energy efficiency and an easy-to-clean dew-free condensation-preventing glass coating. VELUX also offers a huge 10-year guarantee on their roof terrace windows and fixings. Peace of mind is all-important when it comes to construction projects.

To find out more about the VELUX roof terrace and how you should go about installing one, please contact the JJ Roofing Supplies sales team, we’re more than happy to help out, give you more information, and point you in the right direction

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