Velux GGL 3570H Lacquered Pine Centre Pivot Conservation Window Only

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  • Black external profiles and glazing bar
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Laminated inner pane
  • Toughened outer pane

Velux GGL 3570H Lacquered Pine Centre Pivot Conservation Window Only


When it comes to property renovations, often strict guidelines have to be adhered to. This is also inclusive of the windows.  For any property renovations that feature a roof with a pitch between 15 and 90 degrees, this particular window is the perfect addition, as it makes meeting those potential guidelines a much easier task.

With the Velux Lacquered Pine Centre Pivot Conversation Window, you get the best of both worlds. Thanks to the black RAL 9005 colour of the window, the external features blend in seamlessly with any slate or tiled roof, making it highly attractive to most renovators. What’s also important to note is the style of the window, which allows it to sit further in the roofline. This ensures that there is a seamless integration between the window and existing roof features.

The internal appearance of the window provides your home with a subtle, natural finish; with its smooth lines and light colour, pine is the perfect alternative to PVC or white painted windows. Because the pine is lacquered, the window retains all the strength and quality of a typical Velux window, guaranteeing resistance against condensation and other damp related problems.

You can also expect the following performance features from the Velux GGL 3570H Lacquered Pine Centre Pivot Conservation Window:

Glazing bar

A glazing bar helps to create a more traditional appearance.


The glazing supplied with the Velux Lacquered Pine Centre Pivot Conversation Window comes with a toughened outer pane as standard. This ensures that the window is highly resistant to impact. If something happens to hit the glass, the pane will smash into dull-edged cubes rather than sharp shards.

The laminated inner pane acts as an additional safety feature, holding the glass together even once it has shattered. This makes removing and replacing the pane a far easier process.

Easy to clean

Nobody likes a smeared window. Because the window operates a centre pivot, it can be locked at a 180 degree angle, which gives you great access for cleaning. All you need to do is lock it into place by sliding the barrel bolt into the brushing. Make sure you only use the recommended cleaning products. 

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