Velux GGL Pine Electric Integra Centre Pivot Roof Window

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The GGL Electric Integra Roof Window from Velux is a centre pivot, pine framed roof window perfect out of reach areas.

It offers a dynamic look to any property and comes complete with pre-paired wall switch. It offers moderate distance control meaning the mechanism can be opened from the other end of the property.

The window is easy to install and includes a battery backup in the event of an emergency.

There are a variety of glazing options available that ensure the perfect blend of noise reduction and energy efficiency.

>307021U Above Head Height - Inner pane is laminated with a toughened external pane - An ideal solution for safety.

306021U Velux Recommended - Inner pane is laminated with a toughened external pane. Noise reduction pane with easy clean coating - The benchmark for Velux roof windows, a combination of excellent features which are both practical and useful.

306621U Maximum Energy Efficiency - A triple glazed window. The Inner pane is laminated with a toughened external pane. Easy clean coating with an anti-dew coating. - This triple glazing roof window offers an amazing thermal insulation (U-Value 1.0 W/m²K) while also offering premium features.