Bonding Gutter

Bonding Gutters

Bonding gutters are designed to provide a weather-proof covering between two different types of roof tiles, often found on terraced properties and semi-detached buildings. Any type of tile can be separated by bonding gutter. They are relatively easy to install and can be fitted without damaging the tiles.

Bonding gutters are typically made with GRP, traditional lead for dated properties, or modern lead flashing alternatives. Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock a range of Bonding Gutters, including the popular UK brand Hambleside’s GRP bonding gutters.

The gap between roofs is susceptible to water ingress. Some terrace houses have a mortar bedding put down to protect the roof structure from water, but this is a dated technique and is totally reliant on the quality of the mortar. A single crack in the mortar and water can enter the roof structure.

While lead is the traditional form of bonding gutter on older properties, and modern lead flashing is considered a contemporary alternative, it is expensive and difficult to install. GRP bonding gutter is around half the price of lead and takes half the time to install.

GRP bonding gutter is long-lasting, comparatively easy to install, and protects the roof from weather damage more effectively than a mortar bed. GRP Bonding Gutter is also significantly lighter, which makes it easier to get up onto the roof and install it on your own. It has no value to thieves who might be interested in lead flashing and will last up to 30 years if installed correctly.

GRP bonding gutter is a modern product that is designed to protect the roof from water, birds, insects, and other weather damage. Water falls between the bonding gutter and runs off into your home’s drainage system and other roof gutters.

Installation isn’t extremely difficult, and most of the problems that arise when installing bonding gutter come from disputes with the neighbour over roof boundaries. It’s a good idea to discuss the application of a bonding gutter with your neighbour before you start. Usually, bonding gutters on terraced roofs are placed over the adjoining wall.

If you are installing a bonding gutter on entirely your side of the roof, it should be simple enough if you have some technical roofing know-how. Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we are happy to offer roofing assistance either over the phone or in-store. We’re here to answer any questions you have.

If fitting bonding gutter between two sets of roof tiles, you may have to remove some of the edge tiles and affix them separately to get them snug close to the gutter. Be careful with screws - don’t pierce the gutter lining.

At JJ Roofing Supplies we stock a range of drains, gutters, and tiles for your roof. Whether you’re installing a new gutter, looking to replace faulty pieces, or renovating an older roof, we have everything stocked that you’ll need to complete the job.

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