Fibre Cement Slates

Fibre Cement Slate

Fibre Cement Slate is a modern alternative to natural slate pitched roof covering. It's more affordable and easier to install than traditional slate rooftops and looks extremely similar in design. Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we stock fibre cement slate products from leading manufacturers, such as Jutland, Etex and Thrutone.

There is no doubt that a natural slate roof looks great and weathers well in the British climate, but the expenses required to purchase and lay a slate roof are enormous in comparison to modern alternatives. You’ll need an expert roofer, a variety of different tools, and to fork out for the expensive material, to begin with.

Here at JJ Roofing Supplies, we’re all about providing cost-effective solutions for your roofing quandaries. Fibre Cement Slate is a durable, effective and wallet-friendly alternative which you can order here for competitive prices and have delivered to your within 2-3 days. Plus, it also looks pretty great on your roof.

Main Benefits of Fibre Cement Slate

Traditional slate is notoriously difficult to lay. To have a slate roof installed you’ll likely need to contact an expert slate-layer, an extra cost itself. If you do have experience laying roofs you’ll still need to purchase a number of necessary tools to lay slate safely and effectively on your roof.

These Fibre Cement Slates are designed to resemble slate in every way except the difficulty to install and overall cost of the material. They’re a fraction of the price of ordinary slate and can be installed by anyone who has even minor experience in roofing. Each fibre cement slate tile is delivered with pre-drilled holes which means it is very simple to install, like piecing together a simple puzzle.

Fibre Cement Slates also don’t compromise on quality or durability - experts state that these fibre cement tiles should last around five to six decades, whereas the plastic equivalent will last one or two. Plus, because these tiles are man-made and manufactured to look the same, there is often a pleasing unity and cohesion across the rooftop which is often missing with natural slate roofs.

A Variety of Different Fibre Cement Slate Styles

While some Fibre Cement Slate tiles are designed to replicate the style of natural slate, other manufacturers, such as Marley and Jutland, have taken the opportunity to get creative with the material. You can purchase smooth tiles, jagged tiles, and riveted styles to achieve any type of aesthetic look you’d like for your rooftop.

Fibre Cement Slate is also an excellent replacement for slate on older properties that want to retain that traditional style without the massive price tag. Because Fibre Cement Slate is also generally much lighter than ordinary slate it is great option where the structural integrity of the roof is important, but it also means it can be used on steeper pitched roofs and tight-angle roof valleys.

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