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BMI Redland Tiles - Tiles From A Leading Roof Product Manufacturer

BMI Redland has been a leading manufacturer of tiles in Europe for the last 100 years. They produce a huge range of tiles, renewable energy systems, fittings and much more. Their roof tiles are one of the most popular options in the UK and a common sight across many homes.

Their very popular range of tiles are their concrete roof tiles - a range that takes in concrete and classic Redland Plain Tiles, their Landmark Slate, and a huge variety of durable tiles that offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing a style for your rooftop.

We supply Redland tiles at a fantastic, competitive price and offer 2-3 day delivery across the UK. Shipping tiles from destination to destination always has its risks: if you’re unhappy with any of the tiles, please send us a message, we’re proud of the fact that our customer service is industry-leading.

Different Kinds of Tiles from Redland

Redland’s Profile Range is their traditional option and one that is not uncommon on older and newer houses. This range is made up of both clay and concrete tiles that are arranged in an interlocking fashion, designed to be durable. Redland Plain Tiles come in a wide and varied selection of styles that will fit pretty much any type of pitched roof.

Their tiles are well-known in the industry, especially the more recent Dry Ventilated Ridge system and their range of slate-replica roofing tiles that have halved the cost of installation of a classic-style slate rooftop. Beyond these more sophisticated tiles there is also plenty of plain grey, slate and concrete tiles.

Redland also specializes in a range of vent tiles that are designed to fit seamlessly into rooftops with their tiles. Tiles are available individually or in packs which makes it simple to order for repair jobs, maintenance tile replacements, and total roofing jobs. Likewise, we also stock everything you need to fit the tiles to your rooftop, like the matching fittings, ancillaries and all sorts of power tools associated with laying roof tiles.

There are dozens of different styles of tile available here at JJ Roofing Supplies, including the Universal range, the Cambrian, Roman or Rosemary Clay tiles, among many others. Far too many to cover here, it’s a matter of browsing through our selection and choosing the tiles that best fit your planned roof project.

Benefits of Redland Tiles

When you buy a Redland tile you are buying quality. They’re a very well-respected manufacturer of roof tiles purchased across the UK and the EU. Built to last with market-leading materials and build quality, you can expect the classic clay/concrete tiles to last many years and weather well.

We offer competitive prices here and ensure fast UK delivery no matter how many tiles you order. If you have any questions about the style or tiles or installation tips send us a message and we’re more than happy to help.

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