Round Bitumen Felt Shingles

JJ Roofing offers an excellent range of half round felt shingles from known suppliers such as Maple Leaf and Icopal to name a few. These products are guaranteed to offer a highly decorative finish to any roof. Their round or scalloped profile will give your roof a similar effect to that of club tiles but at a much lower cost.

The proper installation process of our half round shingles is very simple. It’s nearly identical to if you were using hexagonal or square felt shingles. What differs greatly is the final appearance of your roof. When you purchase your round shingles from JJ Roofing, you can rest assured knowing that the brands we stock are established industry professionals whose products are high quality and guaranteed to last.

These high quality half round felt shingles will offer you unparalleled protection from adverse weather activity and the elements. They can be used for properties both commercial and residential, new and refurbished, temporary and permanent, domestic and recreational. You can also use them as vertical cladding.

To help you get an idea of what’s involved in the process of installing the round shingles we offer here at JJ Roofing, we have created a basic outline below. Please consult these steps and you’ll see how easy it is, especially when compared to the installation process of more traditional products that are used for a similar purpose.

  • Step 1: Begin by preparing the roof decking onto which you’ll be fixing the half round or scalloped profile felt shingles. Always make sure the roof decking of the structure is clean, dry and stable before starting any work
  • Step 2: Continue by fixing a felt underlay underneath the top covering. This step is not mandatory but we would recommend it
  • Step 3: Fix the shingles strips for sloping verges into place. Apply these bits first by folding them over the roof edge
  • Step 4: Position the eaves strips and roll them over the roof edge, then nail them into position
  • Step 5: Continue by aligning the first shingle course by setting out the position using a chalk line or a straight edge
  • Step 6: Fix the first shingle course into place and repeat this process for all courses that are odd numbered
  • Step 7: Fix the higher courses in order to create a staggered effect. You can use roofing adhesive during this process
  • Step 8: Cut the roofing shingles to create ridge shingles
  • Step 9: Next, align the ridge shingles by using a chalk line or a straight edge to ensure perfect positioning
  • Step 10: Fix the ridge shingles into place
  • Step 11: Seal the lap joints in the ridge shingles
  • Step 12: Carry on with fixing the ridge shingles to achieve equal exposure on both sides. Finally, seal the lap and nail fix both sides
  • Step 13: Step back and enjoy your beautiful roof that will last for years to come
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