Roof Windows

JJ Roofing is proud to offer a comprehensive range of pitched roof windows, skylights as well as accessories (such as pitched roof windows blinds) to provide you with everything you need for your project, whether it be a loft conversion or something else entirely. If you're searching for skylights for pitched roof installations or something else entirely, you've come to the right place.

As you can see below, we boast an extensive collection of pitched roof windows and centre pivot windows in a wide variety of styles and colours that can suit any aesthetic requirement. We’re confident that you will find the ideal ventilation and light solution right here at JJ Roofing with skylights for pitched roof installations that are second-to-none.

It is almost essential to add a window if the roof area is going to be used as a living space. This will allow you to maximise the intake of natural light and fresh air which will make the entire room much airier and more pleasant to relax in. Skylights for pitched roof applications are a sure-fire way to accomplish this.

For pitched roofs, the most common choice is the centre pivot window – it is particularly suitable for loft conversions. It can be used on roofs with a pitch between 15 and 90 degrees. Even if the window is positioned at a high level, the bottom handle makes it easy to open. Top hung roof windows are an ideal choice for more restricted spaces and can provide you with an emergency exit solution. For bathrooms, kitchens and other areas that produce steam, smoke and condensation, the perfect option would be a uPVC window which is durable as well as low maintenance. Should your skylights for pitched roof installations need to meet conservation building regulations, we also offer conservation roof windows which are essentially centre pivot windows with the external finish painted black.

There are currently more manufacturers of pitched roof windows than ever before in the United Kingdom. You can rest assured knowing that JJ Roofing only offers skylights for pitched roofs and other such products from the highest quality suppliers who can prove a great track record of innovative solutions.

If you would like to invest in luxury and enjoy special technological features, then we would recommend Velux. They offer a number of styles and options, including solar-powered windows that come complete with a remote control pad. These skylights for pitched roof applications also come with a rain sensor that will automatically close your window as soon as it detects adverse weather activity.

We have compiled a brief guide to roof windows if you’d like some more information about their different styles and properties. While you normally don’t require planning permission to install a roof window, there are a few exceptions to this rule and some set guidelines to follow. Please click on the link below to read this helpful post on skylights for pitched roofs:

A Brief Guide to Roof Windows

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