Decra Classic D Ridge End Closure Unit

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  • Length: 1200mm
  • For use at ridges and hips
  • Used in conjunction with Decra Classic D Ridge

The Decra D Ridge Closure unit is designed to be used at the intersection of the D Ridge Caps and the Barge Covers.

An attractive feature of the Decra Classic Tiling System is the availability of a full range of specially made accessories, such as the Decra D Ridge Closure Unit, that are engineered to result in an attractive finish and in effective detailing every time.

To install this unit, snip and fold out the flap to suit your barge cover. Trim the edge of the flap on the unit so as to create a vertical plumbline when the cover will be finally fitted. For effective, watertight detailing, install the D Ridge Cap over the End Closure unit and finally nail the End Closure unit into position. Ensure that the vertical end is fixed first however.

The Decra D Ridge Closure units are available in all the colours of the Decra Classic Tiling System allowing for a seamless, attractive finish.