Decra Classic Left Hand Barge Eaves Closure Cover

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  • Use at foot/base of gable/verge/barge
  • Coverage: 1110mm
  • Covers 3 courses of tiles
  • Scribed cover to be used on left hand of gables, verges & barges

The Decra Classic Left hand Barge Closure Cover is to be used with Decra Classic Tiles range.

The Decra Classic roofing system is versatile and makes for easy installation particularly because of the inclusion of accessories such as the barge cover enclosures.

Decra has specifically designed a left and right hand barge cover enclosures to make for more impressive detailing and which also cuts installation and handling costs. The Barge Cover Closure is designed to be positioned at the ends or the foot of barges, gables and verges.

Use the Left Hand version to cover and close barges at left ends.

The Closures are scribed and cover 3 runs of tiles. If you are installing barges at gables, ensure the Barge Cover Closure is fastened first at the eaves. The closure barge should be fastened 25mm above the tiles onto the barge boards using 6 Decra Fixing Nails, 3 horizontal, 3 vertical. After the Cover Closure is positioned, the remaining barge covers can then be installed and similarly fastened using 6 nails. The nail heads can be covered using the Decra Finishing kit.