Decra Classic Right Hand Barge Cover

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  • Coverage/Length: 1100mm
  • Covers 3 courses of Tiles
  • Quicker to Install and more cost effective than Cloaked Verge Cap
  • Scribed cover to be used on right hand of gables, verges & barges

Adding to attractiveness of the Decra Classic roofing system is a full range of detailing solutions. For detailing at roof edges Decra have designed Barge Covers that are versatile enough to be used at gables, verges and barges. The Barge Cover solution option offers a quicker and more cost effective solution to the Cloaked Verge Cover. The barges are available in the full range of Decra Classic range. The detailing becomes further specified with the availability of handed barge covers to be used on the left or right hand side of barges and gables.

Use the Decra Classic Hand Barge Cover if you are seeking to cover barges on the right hand side. For successful installation of this product, begin by placing the Decra Classis Right Hand Barge Cover Closure first. The closure needs to be fastened to the barge boards so that it sits 25mm above the tiles.

Fixing is involves nailing using 6 Decra Fixing Nails, 3 applied vertically and 3 horizontally. Once the Closure piece is in position at the foot of the verge (at the eaves) continue by fastening each Barge Cover, ensuring that each is properly lapped with the one before. The barge covers are scribed and are designed to cover 3 runs of tiles.