Decra Classic Top Course

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  • For use at sloping abutment walls
  • Length: 1200mm
  • Depth: 195mm
  • Colour Matched to Tiles (using same stone granule finish)

The Decra Top Course is part of the Decra Classic Tile System and is specifically used to detail and finish the top edge abutments.

It is available in the same colours as the Decra Classic Tiles so as to fit in perfectly with the roof tiles.

The Top Course is designed to be used for both ventilated and unventilated top edge abutments and is essentially used for flashing; as a flash barrier over the top course at the abutment. The correct installation of the Top Course and ridge tiles is determined by whether the top edge abutment will be ventilated on unventilated. However for all types of abutments, ensure it is turned up against the abutment at least 75mm.

The upturned top part can be covered over using lead flashing. This will ensure adequate coverage and prevent any water from entering.