Decra Elegance Flat Sheet

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  • Size: 1250 x 370mm (Satin), 1250 x 450mm (Gloss finish)
  • Coverage: 370mm (90°, 15mm bend)
  • Available in 6 Colours, Satin Graphite, Satin Mocha, Satin Terracotta, High Gloss Black, High Gloss Green, High Gloss Bordeaux

The Decra Elegance Tiling System has a complete range of accessories and components to enable users to finish and detail any roof installation.

Decra have made available a multi-purpose flatsheet which may be needed in some instances to finish & detail adequately. The Elegance Flat Sheet has been specifically designed so that it can be easily cut, bent and manipulated to meet many installation requirements and for a variety of uses including for flashing.

The Flat Sheet in available in the full Decra Elegance colour range. Consider purchasing it in conjunction with all the necessary tiles and tile accessories as it is a handy accompaniment to any installation project and may be the solution to unforeseen installation problems.