Decra Plus Ridge / Hip Sealstrip Ridge / Sealstrip

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  • Use with Decra Plus Tiling System
  • 0.9mm Strip
  • Cover: 12.5m (25 linear meter per box)

The Decra Plus Ridge/Hip Sealstrip is designed to be used with the Decra Plus Tiling System. Due to the thickness of the tiles, for effective detailing at the ridges and hips, you'll require a sealing strip on either side of the ridge and hip. Installation procedure varies depending on whether you are detailing at the ridge or hips and whether it is a ventilated or unventilated junction. Generally, you'll need to fix two 50 x 25mm battens on either side of the ridge of hip.

The sealing strip needs to be sandwiched between the batten and the underlying tile (or batten as the case may be).