TechnoNICOL Standard Series Hexagonal Roof Shingles Black 3m²

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  • 3m² Per pack
  • 100% Water tightness
  • 1000mm x 371mm per strip

TechnoNICOL Standard Series Hexagonal Roof Shingles Black 3m²

If you’re looking to replace your existing roof, look no further than Standard Series Hexagonal Shingles from Wonderbuild – the leading innovators in roofing technologies. These exceptional roofing materials provide a superb balance between aesthetics, functionality and durability. This makes them the perfect choice for those who wish to feel confident that they are getting the best quality and reliability at a price that is highly affordable.

An issue with traditional asphalt shingles is that they tended to be quite heavy which would place a strain on the structure of the roof. Also, these shingles lacked much in the way of durability and would need to be replaced regularly. These Bituminous roof shingles feature a reinforced, heavyweight glass fibre base, coated with oxidised bitumen. Additionally, there is an upper surface coated with coloured mineral granules consisting of a coarse-grained basalt sprinkling.

As a result, the TechnoNICOL Standard Series Hexagonal Shingles boast increased performance and lifespan. They are also far lighter than traditional shingles and are far more attractive, lending themselves well to a whole range of traditional, modern and contemporary properties. The Standard Series Hexagonal Shingles will also stand up well to rain, wind, snow and direct sunlight as they feature outstanding weather and UV resistance and are 100% watertight.

These roofing materials also feature a far higher level of fire resistance and are far more cost-effective when compared with other types of roof. The installation process couldn’t be simpler and will ultimately depend on the pitch of your roof. For roofs with a pitch of between 15° and 45° shingles are applied directly onto shingle underlay. For steeper roofs, the application is directly onto the roofing structure itself.

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing roof or to add a new one entirely, the Standard Series Hexagonal Shingles are a fantastic choice. The TechnoNICOL Standard Series Hexagonal Shingles feature package dimensions of 100mm x 371mm, a package weight of 28.2kg and a shingle thickness of 0.2mm. This series is available in five different colours – Green, Black, Grey, Red and Brown.

So, if you’re looking to sling that old leaking roof and replace it with something that is a lot more reliable, choose the Standard Series Hexagonal Shingles from TechnoNICOL today.