Velux GGL PK10 2060 940x1600 White Painted Centre Pivot Roof Window

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  • GGL PK10 2060
  • White Painted Pine
  • Centre Pivot
  • Five glazing options available
  • Laminated inner greater security pane as standard
  • 10 year guarantee

Velux GGL White Painted Pine Centre Pivot Roof Window

Have you been looking for a way to allow more daylight into your property? Are you unsure if your home is getting enough natural air? An increasingly popular choice for homeowners across the UK is a roof window. If you’re interested in maximising your living space’s intake of fresh air and natural light, then the Velux GGL centre pivot roof window with a white painted finish is the product you’ve been looking for.

The Velux GGL centre pivot roof window comes with an innovative ventilation flap that allows fresh air to come into your property even when you’re away on holiday, asleep or unable to open the window due to bad weather conditions. A dust and insect filter ensures that the air flowing in will be clean and pure. The filter can easily be removed from its rail and cleaned with most ordinary household products.

Maintaining the Velux GGL centre pivot roof window has been made extremely easy. All you need to do is rotate the sash by 180 degrees and slide the barrel bolt into the bushing on the bottom of the side frame. This locks the window into place and allows for easy access for cleaning.

Each Velux GGL centre pivot roof window has been fitted with Velux’s special top control bar which allows for the window to be installed lower than conventional roof windows. This improves your view regardless of whether you’re sitting down or standing up and the window will be easy to open even if you place furniture underneath it.

Every Velux GGL centre pivot roof window carries a ThermoTechnology™ seal which ensures that only high performance source materials were used in its construction to guarantee excellent energy efficiency and great insulation properties.

The finish is bright, sleek, and a great fit for modern homes. The coating consists of a water based lacquer and white paint that will protect the wood against dirt, debris, and moisture.

You can choose between five different glazing options when you purchase the Velux GGL centre pivot roof window with a white painted finish.

GGL 2060 Glazing – This glazing option will be most suitable if your main concern is sound reduction. Double glazed and fitted with a toughened outer pane and a laminated inner pane, the 2060 also has an added layer of easy to clean coating that repels dust and dirt while also helping reduce noise pollution from rain. U-value of 1.2 watts per square metre Kelvin.